Short-term medical service trips (MSTs) aim to address unmet health care needs of low- and middle-income countries. The lack of critically reviewed empirical evidence of activities and outcomes is a concern.

Developing evidence-based recommendations for health care delivery requires systematic research review. I focused on MST publications with empirical results. Searches in May 2013 identified 67 studies published since 1993, only 6% of the published articles on the topic in the past 20 years. Nearly 80% reported on surgical trips.

Although the MST field is growing, its medical literature lags behind, with nearly all of the scholarly publications lacking significant data collection. By incorporating data collection into service trips, groups can validate practices and provide information about areas needing improvement.


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Kevin J. Sykes, PhD, MPHKevin J. Sykes is with the Department of Health Policy and Management in the School of Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City. “Short-Term Medical Service Trips: A Systematic Review of the Evidence”, American Journal of Public Health 104, no. 7 (July 1, 2014): pp. e38-e48.

PMID: 24832401