We implemented an innovative, brief, easy-to-administer 2-part intervention to enhance coping and treatment engagement. The intervention consisted of safety planning and structured telephone follow-up postdischarge with 95 veterans who had 2 or more emergency department (ED) visits within 6 months for suicide-related concerns (i.e., suicide ideation or behavior). The intervention significantly increased behavioral health treatment attendance 3 months after intervention, compared with treatment attendance in the 3 months after a previous ED visit without intervention. The trend was for a decreasing hospitalization rate.


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Barbara Stanley, PhD, Gregory K. Brown, PhD, Glenn W. Currier, MD, MPH, Chelsea Lyons, MS, Megan Chesin, PhD, and Kerry L. Knox, PhDBarbara Stanley and Megan Chesin are with the Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, NY, and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York. Gregory K. Brown is with the Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Glenn W. Currier and Kerry L. Knox are with the Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. Chelsea Lyons is with Health Services Research and Policy, University of Rochester. “Brief Intervention and Follow-Up for Suicidal Patients With Repeat Emergency Department Visits Enhances Treatment Engagement”, American Journal of Public Health 105, no. 8 (August 1, 2015): pp. 1570-1572.


PMID: 26066951